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About lunikon

My name is Martin Simons and I’m a guy-with-a-business-degree-turned-software-engineer. Currently I live and work in the beautiful little town of Freising, Germany and I make a living running the online airline simulation game AirlineSim and the freelance software development business simulogics.

What’s in the name?

I don’t remember really. I think it is vaguely referring to a space program by a similar name, but the more important reason probably was the fact that back in the days, Google did not return any results for this particular term.

What’s this blog about?

This blog is about…well…anything. I don’t write about anything in particular and quite often I don’t write at all. Chances are that many posts will deal with AirlineSim, good films I watched (usually I don’t write about the bad ones), computer gaming and software development in general, occasional ramblings about the world we live in et cetera.

It’s likely that, if I come across an interesting link or article online, I will tweet it instead of writing a lengthy blog post about it.